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N.B. When entering this race, the purchase price is for a space/entry to run and not the race medal itself, the medal is the reward for every finishing entrant!

Hey You Guys 5k

March - April 2020

We've teamed up with endurance athlete and Guinness World Record holder Adam Holland and his company MaraMile Events, to bring you this pirate themed medal that can be worn as an eye patch! This race is supporting the charity Kids Run free (20% of all profits will be donated at the end of the challenge) 

To earn this awesome medal, all you need to do is complete 5k distance any time in March 2020. This can be all in one go, or split up over a few days. This race is perfect for kids (and big kids alike!) so why not get the whole family involved! 

To find out more about Maramile, KidsRunFree or Adam, click on the links below 

MaraMile Events


Adam Holland

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