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Pick Your Race!

N.B. When entering this race, the purchase price is for a space/entry to run and not the race medal itself, the medal is the reward for every finishing entrant!


September - December 2019

Our 'That run was...' Bundle deal! 

Looking to save some money and get some awesome bling in the process? We've launched our 'that run was' medals as a bundle deal! We know that kids and big kids alike will love these so below are the 'suggested' distances that need to be completed. Obviously, as always, we want you to participate whatever your ability so if these don't appeal to you, can can choose your own.

Children's Distances

Green - 1k /mile

Blue - 1k/mile

Pink - 1k/mile

Yellow - 1k/mile

Gold - 5k/miles 


Green - 2mile 

Blue - 4miles

Pink - 6miles

Yellow - 8miles

Gold - 10miles 

These races will be added into your account as separate races once the race opens on September 1st! 


Good luck! 


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