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N.B. When entering this race, the purchase price is for a space/entry to run and not the race medal itself, the medal is the reward for every finishing entrant!

Ring The Bell Virtual Challenge! (£11+VAT)

June - September 2019

Last April , we ran the London Marathon for Children with Cancer UK.

When discussing our virtual race with the charity, they were in the middle of changing their logo to a new one that depicted a child ringing the end of treatment bell. At the time we were not aware of this amazing milestone.... 

For a child with cancer, ringing the bell is a huge milestone. It means they’ve finished their treatment and are ready to get on with life.

‘It’s not just a bell – it’s a symbol of hope’

The words on every bell read

“Ring this bell
three times well
its toll to clearly say
my treatment’s done
this course is run
and I am on my way!”

                              - Children with Cancer UK Website 

With this, we though that the perfect medal for this virtual race would be the end of treatment bell! 

In 2019, run, cycle, swim, walk ANY distance to earn this awesome end of treatment bell, and yes, it really does ring! 

100% of profits from this race will be donated to Children with Cancer UK, we will also be making a personal donation to the charity. 

Good luck! 


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