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November Update - 28 Nov 2020

HI everyone, sorry for the radio silence. We've had a few issues with the postal service behind the scenes so have been waiting until I had an update for you all. The long and the short of the situation we had was that our 1000/500 medals were delivered to an address in Germany (?!) and then promptly fell off the face of the earth, Ive been back and for with the supplier and postal service which has been dead end after dead end so in the end the supplier agreed to remake the medals which should be with us shortly. Hugely frustrating for all of of you I know, but we can promise that as soon as they arrive here we will get them sent out to you all. We are going to send them all out this month rather than just sending to anyone who has submitted evidence so we know that even if you've yet to achieve it (because of the crazy year) you will have it ready for when you do. Please accept our sincere apologies, this one really is pout of our hands.
In other news, we've been asked why there are no new 2021 medals yet. After the year that we have all had we are currently taking an extended break over Christmas but will be back in January 2021 with our big clearance sale where you will be able to get your hands on lots of requested past medals, after that we will be assessing the way forward for us in 2021. Thanks for all of your support through these crazy times, we really appreciate it.
much love,
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