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COVID-19 UPDATE - 06 Aug 2020

Thankyou so much for your patience over the past few weeks, we are -almost- back to normal (whatever that is anymore!) apologies if weve not responded to all of your posts, its been hard keeping up with requests on the ends of posts etc. If you have emailed we are currently working through them but hopefully this post will be able to answer any queries you have.
We have now received, bagged up and sent out the medals for the below races. If you have submitted evidence and had this approved, theres no need to contact us, your medal is on its way. We know that these have taken longer than we/you were originally told but during the current climate we are just happy to have received some stock finally!
Medals that have been received and sent out:
- The one with the virtual race (pictured)
- I love the 80s
- The truth is out there
- Hey you guys!
- I love biscuits
- Lucky Charm
- Only fools aren't running
- Surfs Up challenge
Medals that we should be receiving and sending out over the next two weeks
- The golden egg
- 9 3/4
- Superdad
- Coffee
- Run with the force
- You've got a friend
- Time Warp 10k
Thanks so much for your patience during this time. We will be doing a stock take this week and reloading any additional races that we find onto the site. As before, although the site may say that races have to be completed by a certain date, weve waived all deadline dates. If the site will not let you submit, just drop your evidence in an email with your name, full address and which race it is for and we will get this sorted for you. If you have already done OR you are awaiting for a reply to a different query through email- we will be in touch with you tomorrow.
Thanks once again for your patience. We will be posting weekly updated from here going forward to keep you all in the loop.
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