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New to virtual running? Read on... 

‘POW! Virtual Running is an online events organisation based in South Wales.

Here at POW! we love to run and love great medals even more. We organise online running events which can be completed in your own time at your own pace anywhere in the world.

  • Tired of travelling long distances to enter races?
  • Are high race entry fees limiting the number of races you can enter?
  • Want to raise money for charity?
  • Or, like me, are you tired of the same old race medals?

Then POW! Virtual Running is for you!

The concept is simple. Just choose one of our races, pay the small entry fee, then complete the distance. This could be during a training run, on a treadmill, as part of a running group or just as a personal challenge. Make sure you record your distance on a running app or watch, then return to the website and submit your evidence to us. Your medal will then be sent to you in the post! We donate a percentage of each months profits to a different charity.

We really hope our races can motivate you encourage you to get active and have fun!

Go to the Races page now to check out our upcoming events.


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