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N.B. When entering this race, the purchase price is for a space/entry to run and not the race medal itself, the medal is the reward for every finishing entrant!

RELOADED- Save the City Charity Run (£10+VAT)

Jun - Jul 2017

RELOADED 'Save the City' Charity Run

100% of takings will be donated for this race. We will be making NO PROFIT from this race

After the events that have been happening in the UK over the past few weeks and in light of the most recent events in London, our runners came to us to see what we could do to help. We had around 30 emails on the morning after the London attacks with fantastic ideas for what could be achieved, and while creating a brand new race was peoples preference, we felt that something immediate would be of benefit. This is why we are reloading the remaining 'Save the City' medals and giving 100% of takings (the whole £10 entry fee) to the emergency services. 

I watched the horrible events unfold that night and what struck me most was the way that while the horrific events were taking place, every police officer I saw, every paramedic, each firefighter and the coastguard that went up and down the Thames that night had only one though in mind.... and that was to help no matter what. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our emergency services and their unwavering bravery. So, although just a small token of what we can offer, I felt that we had to at least do something. 

We have 300 spaces for this race, which means we can raise £3000. We will also be adding a personal donation to this total. This will then be split between the charities that are chosen. (if you have a suggestion of an appropriate charity that would directly benefit from the money please contact us at hello@powvirtualrunning.co.uk)  Once the charities have been decided upon we will announce them on our social media pages.

This is a 'choose your own' distance run, just run in your own time and then submit evidence by the 31st July... 

I did feel hesitant to launch this race but if it means we can help, even in the smallest of ways, we will and we should. 


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